Don’t waste time - go and have fun!

Welcome to the magical world of FyrFlyz™ and FyrWyrkz™, where amazing light shows come alive in the palm of your hands and the night sky!

FyrFlyz™ is a revolutionary Spinning Toy Light Show that gets kids active and let's them have fun while being creative in spinning and playing with the Lights to create unique and amazing lightshows.Each FyrFlyz is a precision balanced instrument specially made to spin on it's axis by swinging the strings around and applying tension and slack to create a "continuous movement". The LED lights turn the movement into amazing "Lightshow" that kids can play themselves or share skills and tricks with their friends.

FyrWyrkz™ are a line of safe, flame-less and ouchless sireworks designed with safety and fun in mind. Each FyrWyrkz™ toy is designed to light up the night with glorious LED color and authenticate fireworks sounds. No more burns, no more trips to the doctor. Leave the fireworks to the professionals.