FyrWyrkz™ from i-Star Entertainment are safe, flame-less fireworks created for kids of all ages.  This line of launch-able, spin-able, light-up products is made to create light and sound shows up in the sky and in the air like never seen before. Each product in the FyrWyrkz line uses LED technology and incorporates realistic sounds to rival even the greatest fireworks show. 

SparklersThe Sparkler – The Sparkler is a handheld fireworks show for kids to enjoy on their own or with friends.  With the press of a button, lights begin spinning in amazing patterns while generating explosive sounds.


Roman CandleThe Roman Candle - The Roman Candle features four colored “fyr-balls” that look and sound like real Roman Candle blast as they rhythmically shoot into the air. The explosive sounds add to the realism and fun. The “fyr-balls” then fall back down to the ground, leaving a trail of light for the kids to enjoy and easily retrieve the balls to start over.


SupernovaThe SuperNova – The Supernova is part of the line of the Award Winning FyrFlyz. This toy lets you create an amazing light show with large blocks of neon color.  Super Nova contains two on/off light switches that control the lights at each end. By pressing the separate buttons, kids can control the patterns and speed of light.  With 12 LED lights, SuperNova is the biggest and brightest FyrFlyz that has yet to come this way.